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sexrealdoll | 11 April, 2019 07:22

It's not just cheap sex dolls that are for sale, either. One enterprising user is flogging an "80cm elf doll mould" for $200. A buyer will be able to pour their own sex doll using silicone – effectively giving them the opportunity to create unlimited love-bots in their own home.

One of the shows that she did centred around the sex market in Japan. She was interviewing one man who had a sex doll who was effectively a schoolgirl. In his own little world, he had no consequences outside of his own flat as far as I could tell. In other words, he was getting on with what would be seen as a pretty nefarious past time of violating a little sex dolls that was representative of an underage schoolgirl but that this had no effect on society at large .

I once had a conversation with my good friend Rob Stroud about whether it would be wrong to write a note, a horrible note, about your partner but place that note in your pocket free never to be seen by anyone in the world ever again and then subsequently forget that you wrote that notes.


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